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"Coach Sarah is the most attentive and professional trainer I've ever had! Sarah creates engaging, dynamic and exciting group sessions and is attentive to every individual student making sure we all have proper form. I was also lucky enough to train with Sarah privately. We discussed my goals before our sessions began and Sarah created and coached me through a program where I hit every one of my milestones. If you are looking for an amazing trainer, coach, instructor or even friend, look no further because Sarah is the best."

Lyz L.

"I saw little progress despite the hours I would dedicate to fitness classes. But then Sarah began to coach me. With her guidance I have become stronger physically and mentally. Sarah has helped me refine my approach to workouts, nutrition and overall motivation."

Sarah R.

"Working with Sarah completely changed my outlook on my body and working out. Sarah’s knowledge of anatomy and fitness, as well as, her high energy and motivating, never-quit attitude, provided me with a coach who was able to educate me about my body, as well as push me to work consistently at my highest potential. Because of Sarah, I have become stronger, healthier, and more confident!"

Katelin Z.

"If you're looking to challenge yourself and improve your health and fitness, Sarah is the trainer to pursue.  She motivates, cares, and can develop a program specific to your needs.  I've been training with Sarah for over two years and working with her has changed me both mentally and physically, for the better.  She deserves my highest recommendation for anyone looking for a personal trainer."

Ben L.

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