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Who is Coach Sarah?

     Sarah is passionate about health and fitness. Her dedication to a healthy lifestyle is rooted in her belief that wellness is beyond physical. In order to achieve optimal wellness, an individual needs to nurture their mind and spirit too. Her personal passion for health translates into helping and coaching those who want a similar lifestyle.  In recent years, she has coached many people through their personal journeys to find healthier and happier lives.

     Sarah teaches healthy habits to create a balanced lifestyle in and out of the gym. In order to create these positive rituals, Sarah will help you find your motivation or your “why”. Helping you find your “why” will help you become and stay motivated on your path to wellness. By creating specific and personal goals, Sarah will guide you to tap into your fullest potential.  She encourages those to trust their strength and ability in order to progress.

     Sarah focuses on building functional strength from the ground up by creating a strong foundation of movement quality before adding load. She specializes in kettlebell, barbell, and gymnastics strength and conditioning.  Sarah believes everyone has the ability to move well with strength, power, and grace.